Will I receive copies of my images on a CD?

Because the copyright for all images belongs to the photographer, I’m unable to provide copies of all the images on CD. However, you can purchase non-commercial printing rights for $150 directly through me, as well as the physical prints themselves.

Will your logo be on the prints?

Your complimentary web-resolution files will contain my logo. However, prints will not.

Can I print the pictures myself?

Yes, as long as you first purchase the printing rights. If the printing rights are not purchased, all print orders are handled directly by me. Why do I do it this way? Because I want to provide you with the best prints possible, at the highest levels of quality, which is something I go to great lengths to achieve. I check every print for quality before handing them over to you, and is something that regular printing shops simply won’t do. You can end up with pictures that are cropped incorrectly, or that have poor color quality. As a result, I cannot be held liable for print quality when self-printing.

How long does it take to receive our pictures?

Digital versions are typically available within two weeks, while prints generally take about two weeks to arrive once the order has been placed.